About us – Web design

We are a web design company dedicated in helping customers grow their business.

A little history about the company.

Cami Tech started on February of 2008 and it was founded by Carlos Mendonca Jr. At first, our goal was to help customers with their Hardware need, such as computers, networking and implementing software. Then we started to notice that most of our customers did NOT have a website or had to settle for cheap unprofessional websites because of their budget. We decided to help them by providing this service with not only an affordable price, but with a professional quality that helped them get noticed. Since then, we have been growing our knowledge and experience on the Online world and we are proud to offer many additional services today. Our company started with Just 1 person (Carlos Mendonca Jr.), and now we count on a team of web designers national and international that helps us grow and be more efficient.

Do what you love…This is something that I have always heard and for the most part never understood, until back in 2010 when working on a project with a customer, I got so involved that I felt like the business was partly mine. I remember that we worked night and day thinking about ideas, procedures, future events and strategies to have a constant growth for the next couple of years. We brainstormed, we made plans, and we had so much fun wondering what the near future was going to be like that I noticed that that was what I loved doing. I found something that I love doing and it was work at the same time!

Carlos Mendonca Jr. VP & Web Designer